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Creating the world’s finest custom aquariums and themed environments
Living Color is dedicated to manufacturing the finest aquarium products, from Wet/Dry Filters, to Overflow Covers, Artificial Corals and much more. The Living Color name has been synonymous with quality and great service for over 20 years. Our high quality aquarium retail products have been painstakingly developed to give the aquarium hobbyist years of enjoyment and provide marine life with a safe and enjoyable habitat. All Living Color products are produced in our 43,000 sq. ft. factory in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA and hand crafted by artisans who excel in achieving detailed excellence. With Living Color, the breathtaking beauty of the world’s oceans can easily and realistically be yours. Feel free to contact us for more information at 800-878-9511 or complete our inquiry form and a representative will contact you promptly. Please take a moment to browse through our collection of high-quality aquarium retail products.
Nano Coral Islands Plug and Play Coral Decorations New Era Aquarium Diets
Nano Coral Islands Plug and Play Aquarium Decorations New Era Aquarium Diets
Artificial Corals Artificial Coral Reef Structures Overflow Box Covers
Artificial Corals Artificial Coral Reef Inserts Overflow Box Covers
Aqua-Maid Cleaning Solution Living Color Aquarium Salt

Artificial seagrass, Artificial  kelp

Aqua-Maid Cleaning Solution Marine Aquarium Salt Artifical Seagrass, Kelp, Algae
Wet Dry 400 RO-DI Filter
 Aquarium Filtration Reverse Osmosis/ DI Filters