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Fish Tank Kings

Fish Tank Kings Season 2

New Season Premieres in Early 2013

More Extreme Aquariums, More Fish and Even More Pressure 

Nat Geo WILD Executive Vice President and General Manager Geoff Daniels today announced that the network is renewing its popular series Fish Tank Kings for a second season.  Fish Tank Kings, produced by Sharp Entertainment, follows the Florida-based aquarium specialists at Living Color as they use their unparalleled skills, creativity and teamwork to pull off the most extreme fish aquariums imaginable.  The drama and pressure of the building process is nowhere near as serene as the final product.  The Living Color team is in high demand, and their massive, cutting-edge underwater habitats have become the ultimate status symbol.  The new season is expected to premiere in 2013.

“Last season, we saw the Fish Tank Kings create these elaborate aquariums — from upgrading a tank three to four times its size, making it the largest residential tank of its kind in southern Florida, to a unique aquarium built right behind the home plate backstop of a baseball field.  They’re pushing the envelope and raising the bar in extreme aquarium building,” said Daniels.  “What makes this series so great is that our viewers will get to see what it takes to create the coolest aquariums in the world.”

Fish Tank Kings will boast a cast of thousands of fish and hundreds of corals, displayed in an amazing array of custom-built tanks.  We’ll be there for every incredible reveal.

“We’re thrilled to be moving forward on a second season of Fish Tank Kings with our partners at Nat Geo Wild,” said Matt Sharp, executive producer, Sharp Entertainment.  This season will deliver even more exotic fish, high drama and extreme builds, as our experts at Living Color Aquariums take on some of the most extreme fish tank builds ever attempted.”

Meet the Fish Tank Kings

Each episode follows the dedicated team as they work to create some of the most impressive fish tanks ever developed: Mat Roy is the president and is responsible for overseeing all projects and running operations at Living Color.  His favorite part of the process is seeing the look on clients’ faces as they view their aquarium for the first time.  Francis Yupangco, lifelong fish geek, is the head marine biologist, overseeing the construction and marine life in the custom tanks.  Ben Alia is the senior project manager, whose expertise allows the team to fabricate the most sophisticated of designs.  Jose Blanco is production and safety manager, planning and creating a happy home for the fish.  John Manning is life support system designer, responsible for creating intricate systems in small spaces that will ultimately keep the exotic creatures inside the tank healthy.


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Fish Tank Kings Season 2


Season 1 Episode List

Fish Tank Kings: 7th Inning Catch

Mat is beside himself with excitement at the possibility of creating fish tanks for a one-of-a-kind location — the home plate backstop of the brand-new Marlins baseball stadium!  The MLB believes that this aquarium cannot be done, and Living Color is set to prove them wrong.  With Miami Marlins President David Samson breathing down their necks, the Living Color team comes up with a design that they hope will function as a backstop as well as keep the fish — including the rare captive-bred porkfish — from dying on the field in front of millions of Marlins fans across the country.  Meanwhile, Jose can’t get back on track with his already slammed production schedule, and an overlooked design flaw in the Marlins reefs could botch the delivery date completely.


Fish Tank Kings: Pimp My Tank

Mat meets up with Allan Marshall, who runs the biological operations at the impressive Florida Aquarium.  After taking Mat on a tour of the incredible facilities, Allan expresses that he wants a fresh take on an old exhibit and is interested in showcasing rarely seen deep-sea fish.  Mat knows of a submarine in the Caribbean and gets Allan excited for the unique adventure.  Additionally, Mat has promised a repeat client a 3,000-gallon cylindrical shark aquarium in just three weeks!  Upon learning that they have a bunch of jobs on the dockets and one requiring a tight turnaround that has risen to top priority, the team is dismayed.  After leaving Ben in charge of the warehouse, Mat takes off to the Caribbean island of Curacao with Allan to locate some deep-sea fish for their new exhibit.  It’s crunch time, with the guys in the warehouse stretched to the limit and Mat attempting to get Allan some exquisite creatures — including the blacktip reef shark, the deepwater dragonette and the deepwater scorpion fish — to showcase.


Fish Tank Kings: Finsanity

Mat can’t wait to meet one of his sports heroes — Indy car driver Ryan Hunter Reay.  Meanwhile, at the Tennessee Aquarium, Francis meets a giant Pacific octopus suffering from harmful chemicals that have leeched into its water from a poorly constructed rock feature.  To save the octopus, Francis must turn to Jose to build all-new and 100 percent safe aquarium rocks, all while avoiding the Tank Boss, Mat, who has demanded that the warehouse work on his pet project… or else!  It’s a warehouse showdown as Mat’s pet project takes center stage while Jose is racing to save an octopus life.


Fish Tank Kings: Card Sharks

Mat gets a call from a client in Sin City with a tank that has aged prematurely and after only four years is due for a major aquatic overhaul, down to needing new fish.  Per usual, Mat has taken a nosedive headfirst down the rabbit hole, promising that this rehab job can be done in one night and on location in Las Vegas.  Meanwhile, Francis is busy finding information on a nurse shark that needs to be relocated quickly, as she has outgrown her current aquarium.  While Mat and John are in Vegas, Francis and Jose will be taking on the moving of the shark, Bessie.  Time is of the essence in both of these jobs, with Living Color’s reputation hanging in the balance.


Fish Tank Kings: Fish Upon a Star

Ben and Francis head out to meet up with a previous client, Max, who is looking for a massive upgrade in a tank — he wants one three to four times the size of his current aquarium.  He already maintains a live reef tank, but this time he wants a live coral tank that will be one of the largest residential tanks of its kind in southern Florida.  Francis takes Max on a special tour of ORA, the country’s largest coral farm.  Then, it’s up to Mat and Ben to take on a new client, former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning.  Upon arriving at Alonzo’s home, they see he already has an aquarium.  The basketball sensation explains that he does in fact want an aquarium, but not for his home — for a youth center he started that helps at-risk youth.


Fish Tank Kings: Extreme Tankover

Pleasing discerning clients is nothing new to Mat Roy and his team, but when he has an initial client meeting with the head of biology for the Rainforest Café, Jim Prappas, they quickly realize that in order to accomplish this job they are going to have to be on their A-game.  Meanwhile, a long-standing client, Tom Rodgers, wants a complete aquatic overhaul on his nearly decade-old tank.  In addition to replacing the current drab coral reef with a dynamic and colorful new one, Living Color’s head of marine biology, Francis, must figure out a way to give Tom the predator tank he wants without putting the other fish in jeopardy.

 Fish Tank Kings Season 2