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That's right...
We are the Fish Tank Kings.

About Fish Tank KingsWatch a Clip

We recreate aquatic habitats
that are interactive masterpieces.

Our Themed Exhibits

Award-winning custom aquariums
that are internationally renowned.

Commercial Aquariums

If you can imagine it,
we can build it.

What Makes Us Different

We Are Custom Aquarium Specialists and Have a Reality TV Show On Nat Geo WILD.

The team at Living Color Aquariums stars in the smash-hit reality series Fish Tank Kings, airing on the TV network Nat Geo WILD! You can catch Season 3 new episodes on Wednesday nights at 10PM EST! The reality TV show features the team at Living Color Aquariums as it applies its unrivaled skills, inventiveness and originality to create the most extreme custom aquariums in the world! Don’t forget to tune in!!!